Last term was a busy time for our Year 10 -13 Design and Visual Communication students. They had spent Term 3 hard at work gluing, air-brushing and laser-cutting pieces for their scale models of their spatial designs. Miniature foliage and living plant walls made an appearance in a number of models and bright colours made for a range of eye-catching designs, some students even showing some ingenuity by steam bending wood for their displays. The result was a fantastic array of scale models and large scale, graphically composed exhibitions. There were interactive displays that you could spin, walk through and touch. 

The Year 11 students had composed their work into beautiful magazine spreads, full of lovely hand-rendered sketches. The exhibition proved popular at lunch time, with a large number of students visiting the cafeteria to view the work. The evening viewing was a chance for the wider school community to celebrate the wonderful work of the students.

Thank you to all who attended and commended the students on their work. If you didn’t manage to catch the exhibition this year, be sure to check out a range of the work in the yearbook and come along to next year’s exhibition.
By Bonnie Wall, DVC Teacher   

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