St Mary's College welcomes enrolment enquiries from International Students

St Mary's has a limit on how many international students can be enrolled to achieve the best results and to cope with the curriculum. All students who wish to apply need to have English of around pre-intermediate levels. Those who apply for Years 11, 12 or 13 must be at an intermediate English Level. All students will be assessed individually.

How to enrol at St Mary's College

Application Procedure

It is reccommended that students under 14 years need to live with a parent or guardian, the International Director will review each student's circumstances and assess the circumstances of their living arrangements.

Documents required for your application are:

  • Digital copy of the student's passport to upload
  • Digital copy of a recent school report for student to upload
  • Digital copy of the parent / caregiver's passport to upload
  • Complete the Designated Caregiver's form if the student is not living in a St Mary's Homestay (if applicable), provided to you during online application
  • Complete the Student Contract for living with a Parent (if applicable), provided to you during online application
  • Signed copy of the International Enrolment Agreement and Medical Form which will be provided to you during the online application to download, sign and upload.

Other information required:

Page of handwriting from the student - We would like to know about her family, friends, favourite subjects and things she likes doing as well as what she wants to achieve at St Mary's and her future ambitions. If the International Director is satisfied with the student's performance, the following procedure is required:

Further testing and writing may be required once the student starts school to check the validity of her writing and level of English. Any false or misleading information may result in the termination of a place at the College. 

Enrolment / Acceptance Procedure

Once the student’s application has been received, an online English test will be sent to the student and then a SKYPE interview will be arranged. At the SKYPE interview we may also ask her to show us some more of her writing. 

(Year 11 student’s English needs to be at Pre-Intermediate level and Year 12 -13 student’s English needs to be at an Intermediate Level to cope with the NZ curriculum). 

Once the entrance tests and Skype interview are completed, the International Dean recommends the student for enrolment to the Principal. The Principal then approves or declines the enrolment.


Any enquiries please contact:

Sue King
International Student Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +64 9 376 6568 ext 817
Mob: +64 21 157 8776

Applying for a Student Visa

2019 Visa requirements - English Version

2019 Visa requirements - Chinese Version

St Mary's College can assist with this at a cost of $50 per Student Visa and $100 per Guardian Visa (Visitor).
To get your Student Visa you must apply to the New Zealand Immigration Service. They will require:

  • A confirmation or acceptance of place from St Mary's College
  • A receipt from the College for the fees
  • The College's guarantee of accommodation
  • A copy of your passport
  • A recent passport size photograph
  • Evidence of funds to support yourself or receipt of homestay paid
  • Medical and x-ray certificate
  • An application fee
  • Student Visa Application Form
  • For a Parent Living with their Daughter (Guardian), please complete: Visitor Visa Application Form

Immigration matters

All international students must hold a valid visa to study in New Zealand, and adhere to their visa conditions. Visit the Immigration New Zealand website for more information on student visas.