We recently had a small group of students attended a Māori mass at Te Ūnga Waka marae in celebration for Matariki. As a part of attending this mass we sung some waiata, read the prayers of the faithful and were invited to enjoy some morning tea afterwards.  Mass is a
 lovely way to incorporate culture, faith and community, and as St Mary's students we are privileged to attend these sorts of events, especially those held by the infamous Pa Ryan. 

We are looking at attending mass again throughout the year and would love to see some new faces.  For many people the invitation to attend a Māori mass is not a common thing, so I encourage the students and families of St Mary's to participate in these sorts of opportunities. Celebrating faith through mass is always a good way to create bonds, and should be enjoyed by everyone.

Ngā mihi,

By Marcella de la Rosa, Kaiāwhina

matariki mass