In August, we had 25 of our Year 11 and 12 students visit Auckland Transport to look at Auckland City projects and to learn about a possible career in Engineering. 

Student comments:
"I enjoyed the exposure to all the different careers offered at AT. It was also interesting learning about the employee’s journeys of how they got there and how their career path is quite fluid. We also got a lot of information about what goes on at AT and getting insight on how they plan these things. I’ve actually decided that I want to study to be a civil engineer. All thanks to them!"

"We got to visit the City Rail Link construction site in town, which was an amazing experience. Touring the site, seeing the tunnels they had dug out, and learning about how they keep everyone safe was so interesting, and gave us a real appreciation of the hands-on aspect of engineering."

Thanks to the employees of Auckland Transport for making us feel so welcome during the experience.

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