The aims of the Mathematics and Statistics Department are to:

  • Help to develop a belief in the value and usefulness of mathematics
  • Nurture confidence in mathematical ability
  • Encourage a continuing and creative interest in mathematics
  • Help to foster and develop mathematical talent

Mathematics is a compulsory subject in Years 7 to 11

In Year 11, there are two courses, Mathematics with Statistics (11MAT) and General Mathematics (11MAG)

In Year 12, students may choose Mathematics (12MAT) or Mathematics and Statistics (12MAS) as one of their subject options

In Year 13, two Mathematics options are offered: Mathematics with Calculus (13CLC) or Mathematics with Statistics (13MAS)

Mathematics Staff  

Faculty Leader  Dr Louise Sheryn 
Acting Assistant Faculty Leader      Ms Audris Hong
Acting Assistant Faculty Leader Ms Abigail Shaw
Teachers Mrs Janet Angelo
  Mr Ben Chambers
  Ms Jina Cho
  Mrs Vinita Karu
  Mr Richard Mariu
  Mrs Marija Ven