Mathematics Staff 

Faculty Leader  Louise Sheryn 
Assistant HoF Cynnelle Scully
Teachers Full Time
  Audris Hong
  Vinita Karu
  Richard Mariu
  Shan-I Lee
  Mariji Ven-Bozic
  Part Time
  Sheherazad Bhote 
  Mike Williams 

The aims of the Mathematics and Statistics Department are to:

  • Help to develop a belief in the value and usefulness of mathematics
  • Nurture confidence in mathematical ability
  • Encourage a continuing and creative interest in mathematics
  • Help to foster and develop mathematical talent

Mathematics is a compulsory subject in Years 7 to 11.

In Year 11 and 12, students may choose Mathematics or Mathematics and Statistics as one of their subject options

In Year 13, two Mathematics options are offered: Mathematics with Calculus (13CLC) or Mathematics with Statistics (13MAS).