AT HOP Cards

We receive many lost AT HOP cards at the office. We would like to return these to students as soon as they are found. If you would like to log your daughters card with the school please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the student name and 16 digit AT HOP card number.


Each Year 7-10 student is allocated a locker and informed of its location and number during the first week of Term 1. It is compulsory for Year 7, but optional for others, including seniors (Year 11-13) to have a locker. Payment for this service is included in school fees, but you need your own padlock. Lockers are randomly assigned and we don't swap lockers. Should your daughter have a special requirement, we ask that you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tui McLennan with your query.

Student ID Card

In February, students are issued with a Student ID card. This has been paid for in your school fees. Students can use their card to get student discounts for things like bus passes, books and movie tickets.

Photocopying Card

The Student ID card issued is also your photocopying card. Money can be loaded onto it using the top-up machine located just outside the Library. Please note, it is coin-only and the office does not supply change. There are instructions near the machine on how to use it, and the school librarian can also help.


If students choose to bring phones to school, it is the responsibility of each student to ensure the security of these during school hours. We discourage use during break times, and use in class is at the professional discretion of the teacher for curriculum-related use. We recommend Year 7 students do not bring phone.


Subject teachers regularly set homework. Each student is expected to set time on a regular basis to complete it. Homework may consist of reviewing the day’s lessons, set work on a subject, a long-term assignment, which is worked on over a period of time, or study of work already completed and preparation for tests or examinations.

School Diaries

Your daughter will be issued a school diary at the beginning of the year which not only serves as a weekly term diary, but is also full of other information to assist her. It includes the daily timetable of the school year with form times, period times, interviews, lunch and assembly times.


Each student will be given a copy of their timetable. Students can utilise their school diaries to record their own timetables. Please be aware that one day per week is a ‘rotating’ timetable day. This will be explained to your daughter by her form teacher. You can also see the timetable via the Parent Portal.

Junior Prize Giving

Junior Prize Giving is held in early December. The exact date will be published in the school newsletter in November. Please mark it on your calendar.


Our school cafeteria provides a variety of food at breakfast, interval and lunch. A price list is on the board beside the café. Requests for dietary needs can be made.


Scholarships are offered to current students attending St Mary’s College in Years 9-13. A scholarship booklet will be available to all students and families attending St Mary’s College to view in October, and details will be published in the school newsletter in early Term 4.

School Houses

Each student is assigned to a House for sports and cultural events in the school. The Houses are Dickson, Leo, Leydon, Loreto and Maher. The Houses are named after significant women in our College history.

House Dean – each House has a teacher allocated to oversee activities and events that students participate in during the year.