Science at St Mary's College is taught in a modern purpose-built facility consisting of eight spacious well stocked laboratories, two large break-out space atriums (one with kitchen) and a full preparation and technical support suite of rooms.

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Faculty Leader Blair Davies
Teacher in Charge of Biology Blair Davies
Teacher in Charge of Chemistry (shared) Bernice Judeel and Jarafshan Mistry
Teacher in Charge of Physics William McSweeney
Teachers Leigh Bradbury-Taylor
  Caroline Burke
  Lorraine Evening
  Merilyn McAuslin
  Kolotita Taimani
  Jane Trounson
Laboratory Manager David Stevenson


Science is taught as a combined subject at Level 1 and comprises studying aspects of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science to lay a broad foundation before specialising at Level 2. We offer an external based program catering to students wishing to study ther specialist Sciences at Level 2 and a more internal-based program catering to students for whom this mode of learning is better suited to them.

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Students choosing to enrol in the Biology course will be given an introduction into the fundamentals of Genetics, Evolution, and Cell Biology. They will also investigate animal and plant adaptations, and responses to stimulus from the environment. In addition, each student will also be given the opportunity to develop their research skills and will be challenged to critically evaluate Biological information presented in the media. Achievement in Level 2 Biology is a necessary prerequisite for Level 3 Biology.


Senior Chemistry students will learn about the nature and behaviour of matter. They will learn important skills relating to quantitative analysis and will be taught the key concepts relating to atomic structure and bonding. The fundamentals of thermochemistry and equilibrium are covered in the senior course alongside a programme to develop students understanding of reduction and oxidation as well as organic chemistry. Achievement in Level 2 Chemistry is a necessary prerequisite for Level 3 Chemistry.


Studying Physics in the senior school will allow students to explore and develop an understanding of the fundamental concepts of mechanics, waves, electricity and magnetism that give insight to how the physical world around us works. Students are also given opportunities to carry out their own investigations and taught how to analyse the mathematical relationships shown in their results. Achievement in Level 2 Physics is a necessary prerequisite for Level 3 Physics. 


A Scholarship preparation program is available for students interested in sitting Scholarship Biology, Chemistry and Physics and is co-ordinated by the Faculty Leader and respective subject heads. Students may join the program at Level 2 in consultation with the Faculty Leader.

Competitions / External Programs

Junior students partake in the The Royal Society Te Aparāngi CREST program along with entering the NIWA Auckland Science Fair if they choose. We offer a tutorial program for students wishing to be selected for the International Biology, Chemistry and Physics Olympiads as well as the NZ Young Physicist’s Tournament. In addition, there are many opportunities for students to enter a multitude of Science competitions and they are advertised to all students digitally and on noticeboards in labs.

We welcome your daughter to discover the world and universe around her in a 21st century mercy setting.