Science Staff 2020  
Faculty Leader Blair Davies
Head of Biology Jane Trounson
Head of Chemistry  Bernie Judeel
Head of Physics William McSweeney
Laboratory Manager David Stevenson
Laboratory Assistant Kerri Casey
Teachers Christine Barlow
  Caroline Burke
  Andrew McGeady
  Aureah Mothibe
  Rajni Premkumar
  Kolotita Taimani
  Sandy Wong

Junior Science

All students in Years 7-10 will have Science as part of their daily timetable. Classes take place in Science laboratories and students beginning the programme will be instructed as to how to work safely with all the equipment. Through a combination of theory and practical work, students will learn how to carry out careful and accurate Science investigations as well as the fundamentals of Chemistry, Physics, Biology and the Planet Earth and Beyond. 


Students choosing to enrol in the Biology course will be given an introduction into the fundamentals of Genetics, Evolution, and Cell Biology. They will also investigate animal and plant adaptations, and responses to stimulus from the environment. In addition, each student will also be given the opportunity to develop their research skills and will be challenged to critically evaluate Biological information presented in the media. Achievement in Level 2 Biology is a necessary prerequisite for Level 3 Biology.


Senior Chemistry students will learn about the nature and behaviour of matter. They will learn important skills relating to quantitative analysis and will be taught the key concepts relating to atomic structure and bonding. The fundamentals of thermochemistry and equilibrium are covered in the senior course alongside a programme to develop students understanding of reduction and oxidation as well as organic chemistry. Achievement in Level 2 Chemistry is a necessary prerequisite for Level 3 Chemistry.


Studying Physics in the senior school will allow students to explore and develop an understanding of the fundamental concepts of mechanics, waves, electricity and magnetism that give insight to how the physical world around us works. Students are also given opportunities to carry out their own investigations and taught how to analyse the mathematical relationships shown in their results. Achievement in Level 2 Physics is a necessary prerequisite for Level 3 Physics.