Religious Education Staff

Director of Special Character Dora Salesa
Faculty Leader for Religious Education Janet Williams
Assistant Faculty Leader Constance McCombe
Campus Minister Christina Fa'aleaga 
Teachers Marianne Bray
  Bill Hooper
  Clare McGivern
  Melissa Spragg
  Catherine Lipski
  Lynne Tanner
  Katherine McGillivray
  Samantha van der Merwe


Fanning the flames of faith

The Faculty of Religious Education is a vibrant and engaging community of learners. Our mission is to ignite and fan the flames of faith and to educate students in a wide range of dimensions of the Catholic Church. All students at St Mary’s College take part in Religious Education classes three times a week, all of which are taught by specialist Theology teachers.

Modern resources, in-depth study

Following the Understanding Faith curriculum, as a student at St Mary’s College you will be educated in Church teachings, aspects of worship, liturgy and experience, Church history, and Christian ethics. Teaching is based on the Authority of the Church through Scripture, Tradition and Magisterial documents. Resources are up-to-date and all programmes, except Year 7, are BYOD integrated.

Credits for NCEA, University Entrance approved

The Faculty of Religious Education maintains high academic expectations and achievement. As a senior student, you will complete three internal achievement standards each year, contributing to a total of 18 credits towards NCEA per year. Level 1 and 2 Religious Education achievement standards contribute to Level 1 Literacy requirements. Level 3 standards contribute as an approved subject to University Entrance, and some Level 3 Standards contribute to Level 3 Literacy requirements for reading.