Following the outbreak of Covid in 2020, the free Pfizer vaccine is now being offered to members of the public, starting with those most at risk.  

The New Zealand Catholic Bishops are urging people to get vaccinated to protect themselves, their whanau, and the community. In getting the vaccine, you will also be protecting those who cannot receive the vaccination, such as those with underlying health conditions and young children. 

The Pfizer vaccine is safe and effective, and it has been given to hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

At the request of the Bishops, Te Kupenga Nathaniel Centre for Bioethics has created a collection of resources about the vaccine which answer some commonly asked practical, scientific, and religious questions about it. 

These resources, brought together under the title "Love Your Neighbour As Yourself - Get Vaccinated" include:

  • A one-page FAQ pamphlet available in English, Samoan, and Tongan that answers twelve frequently asked questions about the vaccine
  • A website with more detailed answers to each of these twelve questions
  • A short video introduced by Bishop Patrick Dunn, involving various members of the Catholic community, about the vaccine.

The Bishops have requested that information about these resources is shared as widely as possible. We would very much appreciate your help in achieving this by sharing this information with your networks.

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