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We are Fika, a Year 13 Business Studies group of four students who have a solution for you when you are feeling stressed, tired, and unfocused. We present to you our product, essential oil rollers with Pasifika inspired scents aimed to provide aromatherapy by enhancing physical and emotional health.

With exams around the corner, you will now be able to stay calm, focused and energised when studying and preparing for your exams. Fika essential oil rollers come in 10ml bottles and are very handy so you can carry it around with you everywhere and use it anytime you are feeling burdened with anxiety and exhaustion. Just a simple roll onto your temples, wrists, or shoulders and you are good to go.

Our business offers 4 individual essential oil rollers with Pasifika inspired scents for $10 and our well-being scents as a 3 pack for $28. You can purchase our products through our website  - please click here and you can also place an order through our Instagram @fikablends 

To keep updated with our selling dates, you can follow us on Instagram @fikablends  

Fika, Zia Walters, Pauline Abeleda, Salma Asiata, Maria Tunai  

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