In support of our St Mary's College community, the school, with support of the PTFA, manages a freezer, which stocks meals for families and their whanau who are either going through a difficult time or bereavement. This scheme has been running for many years and has assisted hundreds of families. Families who have benefited from this initiative have been very grateful as it relieves the stress of providing meals at such times.  

Meals that are greatly appreciated include; family-sized lasagnes, pastas, mild curries, stews, soups, garlic breads, freezable baked goods and other such meals that freeze well. It is often difficult to coordinate the return of packaging, so we would be grateful if you can package them accordingly. If you would like to help our PTFA by donating a meal for a family in need, these can be dropped off at the school office between 8am - 4pm from Monday to Friday.


We understand that often it is difficult to reach out and ask for help, however, please remember each meal is made with love and the good intention of helping the families in our school community, therefore, you are encouraged to reach out and let us help you, or your whanau. 

St Mary's College may from time to time contact you should we be made aware of a bereavement or a difficult patch, simply because you may forget the service is available and we want to help in any way possible.


If you could benefit from a meal, please contact Nicole Tsui via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Any request is kept private and confidential. 

From Nicole Tsui, PTFA Teacher Representative

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