Living Museum 1
Wednesday 7 November was the day when every excited Year 8 girl carried bags full of props and costumes into the school grounds. Everywhere you went you would hear “who are you going as?” and “are you nervous?” because this was the day of the “Living Museum”.

The Living Museum is an English presentation where every student chooses a person who is a role model or has an interesting story. They spend weeks researching them so they can give a one-minute monologue without referring to notes. We were told we could be as creative as we desired with the costume and the props. So, the room that we set up in was very colourful and rather hectic.

When the time came, we all froze like wax figures, prepared to say our speech. People would ring the bell and that would be our cue to start. After we had said the speech, we got a huge amount of smiles and compliments. Although after two hours of talking you get tired. I think its fair to say that as it was so much fun and we would all do it again.
By Alexandra Hall 8AHG

Living Museum 2