Why the change?                                                                                                        

To create a consistent identity across all teams. Previously, each code had their own unique look with a variation of colours. By creating a design that can be applied across all codes, we hope to give the players a sense of pride in a brand which is unique to St Mary's College.

Why do I have to purchase a uniform?  

Purchasing your own uniform provides you with the flexibility to choose the size and fit that is right for you.
Premier team uniforms will be provided and will remain the property of the school.

When will the new uniform be worn? 

Tier 1 teams will play in the new uniform in 2020.

Other teams and codes will have the opportunity to purchase a uniform later in 2020 to wear in 2021.

Where can I purchase it from?

This information will be available shortly.

Can I loan a uniform?

A small number of uniforms will be available for loan. A cleaning / maintenance fee will apply.

Can I purchase second-hand uniforms?   

We will gratefully accept second-hand uniforms, but until we have them in stock we will not be offering any for sale initially.

What do the colours and symbols mean?    

Blue:  Represents Our Lady, Our Mother Mary. The sky blue is also known as the Mercy blue.
Red:  Represents Love and speaks of our call to care for the vulnerable and poor.
Cross:  This is the Mercy Cross; the original was designed by Catherine McAuley herself. A cross within a cross, it is worn by the Sisters of Mercy around the world.
School Crest:  Comprises the Star, the Heart surmounted by a Cross, the Heart pierced by a dagger or sword, and the Anchor.


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