Over the April holidays, we were given the opportunity through the Young Enterprise programme to travel to Vietnam and learn about the business environment and culture. We stayed in Saigon for a week and visited various businesses ranging from large tech companies such as VNG, to a social enterprise – KOTO (Know One Teach One). We were joined by 10 other Young Enterprise Students and at the end of the week we completed a business challenge with Vietnamese students studying at the Australian International School. We were given a sector to focus on, and we had to come up with a viable business and prepare a business outline and pitch for five minutes to a panel of judges which included a local entrepreneur, a senior manager from a large local bank and a PWC director! This was a trip of a lifetime and I’m so grateful for this experience! Thank you to Young Enterprise and SEA CAPE for this amazing opportunity!

Lucie Kendall, Year 13 
Being selected by SEA CAPE to take part in their Business Challenge programme in Vietnam has to be one of my most valued accomplishments. Throughout the trip, we were able to visit many established businesses, startups, and individual speakers who would help prepare us for our business challenge at the end of the week. Along with our Vietnamese student counterparts, our task was to introduce a suitable product from one of five given sectors and come up with a market entry strategy to bring a New Zealand business into the Vietnamese market. Working alongside Vietnamese students was beneficial to a degree far beyond what I had expected. Not only were we able to interact and connect with young people who came from completely different backgrounds, which I had never done to such an extent, but they brought to our business challenge a first-hand insight into what Vietnamese consumers value and look for in the products they purchase, which was invaluable. I have left this extraordinary week with a vastly enriched understanding of Vietnam’s business culture and a certainty of my future in business.
Juliette Hauter, Year 13