When we heard that there would be two professional actors coming to St Mary's College from the Pop Up Globe, many of us jumped at the chance to hear from them and ask some questions. Stephen Butterworth (known for playing King Richard III), Anatonio Te Maihoa (known for playing Oberon) and Rita Stone (a director for the Pop Up Globe) came to the MK Centre and explained to us what it was like working in the Shakespearean world.

Those of us who had studied Shakespeare were excited to flesh out our knowledge against the experts and to learn what it was like to perform it professionally. We discussed the research the actors did for their characters and how interpretations are always changing, how adapting Shakespearean sonnets into Te Reo Maori involves more than literal translations, and how the Pop Up Globe tackles issues like representation and gender in their productions.

We left the talk buzzing and equipped with newfound knowledge for how to elegantly disrupt a performance for medical emergencies. It was a fantastic experience which we will remember for many years to come. 

By Marika van der Voorn, Year 13

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